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Directed by Roomi Insha and written by Seema Sheikh, ‘Mein Adhuri’ highlighted how a woman’s other name is sacrifice; the term especially applies in the eastern countries of the world, where the womankind is expected to ‘give’ without questioning!

In most parts of Pakistan a woman is  still very much dependent on a man’s decision. A woman, whether a mother, sister or a daughter, is expected to ‘give’ not to demand anything, she is only liked or appreciated when she becomes a puppet, dancing on others’ fingertips.

Sometimes these sacrifices are so normal and  functional that they don’t even get noticed, other times these sacrifices tear you apart and shake your soul.

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‘Mein Adhuri’ was a story about a woman named Areesha who makes one such sacrifice. Before even stepping into her newly married life she gives up her dreams of becoming a mother. A sacrifice so big that no amount of money or love  in this world can give peace to her heart.

Will Areesha be able to forgive Soban?

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Kiya Areesha Soban ko maaf kar paegi?Watch last Episode of Mein Adhuri – ARY Digital Tonight at 10:00 pm on ARY Digital

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