Another episode of Muqabil moves forward with Armaan being in major trouble because of the false accusations of Parisa, his father is well aware that his son would never go against his will. Falling in love with the daughter of your owner is unacceptable, specially with such major status difference. Swearing upon Quran and giving away all the passwords to his accounts did not change anything for Armaan and didn’t prove his innocence.

Parisa is persistent that the two are ‘involved’ with each other and in front of everyone she confesses her love, what does she plan to do? Why would anyone target an innocent man without any solid reason? It’s a huge deal for Mehmood and Armaan as the families have very old and good terms. According to Parisa ‘she needs Armaan because she can’t handle herself.’ Does that make sense?

Parisa’ choice for a man is what Armaan is, he falls under the category of good men and husband material, all that Parisa needs! Wow, she really is persistent about marrying him. This situation is just mind gobbling for Parisa’s mother and Armaan’s father, is Parisa doing all this to avenge whatever happened to her? Seems as if Mehmood is the culprit who sexually assaulted Parisa.

Now that Parisa has made her decision of marrying Armaan, will the two tie the knot? What’s the reason behind all the drama that Parisa is creating? Mehmmod looks very worried and wants Arman to get married to another girl as soon as he can. Will Armaan do it? You can’t miss out on watching the next episode that might reveal the ‘big secret’ that you and I are waiting to unravel.

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