McDonald’s recently held a press conference where it talked about their partnership with 3 Bahadur’, the first animated 3D movie of Pakistan Cinema .

The movie is being directed by Oscar-winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who spoke excitedly about her latest venture. ‘3 Bahadur’ is the story of three children, gifted with extreme courage and unique super powers who fight against evil forces to restore peace in their neighborhood.

3 bahadur

Mr. Hilal, Marketing Manager McDonald’s also spoke in detail about McDonald’s partnership with 3 Bahadur. “As a result of our joint promotion, McDonald’s will be launching the Bahadur Meal, which comes with a Bahadur branded bag and a sticker sheet. Also a lucky draw will be held, through which customers can win free ‘3 Bahadur’ movie tickets every day.”

3 bahadur

Mr. Hilal also spoke about McDonald’s strategic integration in the movie.

McDonald’s has always associated itself with projects that help build a better image of Pakistan. It has always remained in the forefront, whether it’s an opportunity to help people in distress or making an effort to better the society in general.

3 bahadur

“Our main aim here is to promote movies like ‘3 Bahadur’. It’s to encourage individuals like Sharmeen. We want to play our part in helping Pakistani Cinema gain a global presence. It will be a lot of hard work, but we’ll get there eventually,” Mr. Hilal said.

3 bahadur

You can also watch the trailer here:

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