Episode 3 Review

Another episode a must watch serial “Maryam Kasay Jiye” . The protagonist Maryam is “bechari kismet ki mari” type girl. Everyone calls her “Manhoos” except her loving grandmother. 

Maryam’s family members are extremely happy due to Ahmer’s proposal, excluding step-mother (Sadia).

Sadia thinks Maryam is  sinister. She makes Maryam’s life miserable by calling her ‘manhoos’  all the time.

Maryam in-laws are happy due to her  courteous behaviour. She gives priority to domestic work and keeps balance between in-laws and husband. This is the reason she wins their hearts.

Sadia has no interest in  domestic work ,rather it she has more interest in combating with the protagonist Maryam .


Maryam’s (sister-in-law) is playing the role of antagonist. She told  her Mother-in-law , Maryam mother’s died during childbirth, thus she got the title of “Sinister”.

What do you think Maryam and Ahmer relationship will last for a long time ?

1.       Yes

2.       No

3.       Not sure


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