Main Bushra

Main Bushra

Our society needs to improve

We live in a society ruled by the notion and false beliefs where women are not given importance. Men are given all the significance while women are not; a woman generally educates a family and looks after it. Women are marked by disgrace based on an unjustified way of thinking. It is an ancient thinking which is not changing in the people with the passage of time. The fathers don’t support the daughters and consider them to be a nuisance.

‘Main Bushra’, is the story of a young woman who becomes the victim of just such a mindset where women are considered as a nuisance. The poor innocent is ridiculed and shamed by family and loved ones. She is deemed as a bad woman and has to face all the troubles and hardships given by the family. Bushra is a young girl who faces lots of troubles from the man of the house who is her father.

She goes to work, tries to support her family by every means possible even if it requires her to sell her medals as well. She would want to prove herself in front of her father in every possible way that she can think of. Determined to break away from this prejudice, she embarks on a struggle against society in an attempt to shatter these beliefs, and regain her respect and honor in the world.

Bushra is so disturbed with the situation that she would also have nightmares that she would get divorced on her wedding night. It’s the parents who give birth to girls but the daughters are blamed for it which is not fair. Behind the name Bushra there’s a concept that if there are daughters born in your house and if you name one daughter Bushra the following siblings will be males. But as such this superstitious thing didn’t come true in this case.

Bushra would pray that her father would love her and trust whereas she also asks for patience from God to help her face all these hardships. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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