Wishes do come true and since a long time Mahira’s fans wanted her to join Instagram. Few days ago Mahira posted a creative video about her joining Instagram, you can watch it here:

Everyone was surprised to see this Tweet in an early morning on Thursday she informed her fans that she is finally on Instagram and posted a rather fun video to accompany her announcement. In just a few hours Mahira managed to get 40k followers and in less than 30 minutes her video received more than 800 likes. She looked very happy in posting and creating the video and she has been very creative about it. After the video her first post on Instagram was:

Looking at life through lotus seeds till I find my rose tinted glasses A photo posted by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan) on

Now that she’s finally on Insta, her fans are very excited. She even posted the behind the scenwes of the famous Lux Style Awards ad:

#LuxPakistan Make up – Adnan Ansari. Hairstylist – Baber Zaheer.

A photo posted by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan) on

This has been a great hype for the fans all across the world and her Instagram is now regularly being updated with special moments from Mahira Khan’s life.

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