Review Episode 2 

The commencement of 2nd Installment  at once  reminded me of the drama plot where Asad had said

Apko bhot shoak tha meri maa ki kidmat karany ka  ub zindage bhar meri maa ki kidmat hi keejeiga


Hira was enormously stunned when she saw Asad  with her sister Saba on the day of engagement. She was  continuously weeping on the day of  wedding . Everyone had noticed her in weeping  state, but she throws a reflection towards her relatives that she is going to  miss her sister. In reality she was crying for Asad.(Her lover)

Behan ki bhoat zada ladli ha maa baap sa zada isaay bhain say bicharnay ka dukh hai

Hira went to Asad’s office in anger , mood and starts shouting at him. Asad was right that she would not be able to fetch a glass of water for an old lady. 

Pani na pilna meri zindage barbad kardaiyga Asad


Finally the truth has been revealed , Asad had told Saba that he loves someone else. Saba was speechless at her wedding night. It is the nature of the woman that she never tolerates or shares her love with anyone. 

Mai nay sauchay dil sa poray khloos k sath, khuda ko hazir nazir jaan kar apsa shadi ki hai


The play highlights the issues of forced marriages and their after effects. 

Asad ki zindage mai koi or larki hai shyed

 Saba and Asad will remain together as a married couple or Hira will take the place of her sister

1.       Yes

2.       No

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