Step mothers are known for their hatred towards their step children and it is a natural phenomena. ‘Soteli’ is a story about a boy Meekal who lost his mother at a very young age; his father Waleed married another woman Fariya thinking that she will fill the mother’s love. But nothing in this world can replace a mother’s love, it is irreplaceable. Fariya being the soteli gave a tough time to Meekal and he was helpless, his father didn’t support him unless the truth unveiled.

Meekal use to write letters for his mother thinking that his mother will read it but Waleed did. He being an innocent kid wrote all this feelings in those letters and his father came to know. Waleed insisted to file for a divorce but then Mannal came in their life and things change. Meekal loves his baby sister a lot and is ready to do anything for her but Fariya is not leaving any chance to make the loving siblings remember that they are step-siblings to each other.

In all this Fariya became sick and was admitted in the hospital with all the tests the doctors claimed that she has a brain tumor. Fariya was not stepping back with her hatred but Meekal always respects and loves her as his mother. He stayed back in the hospital the entire time and did whatever he could to comfort his mother. Fariya was not aware of her illness but when the doctor told her that she has a brain tumor she got shattered.

The family was there to support her regardless of all her evilness and rude behavior, above all Meekal never turned his back towards her and this melted her stoned heart. She for the first time hugged Meekal and this is an indication to the family to be once again happy. Watch the second last episode of ‘Soteli’ on Saturday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital, If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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