Falling in love is not in one’s hand and hoping to marry your love is a wish of every lover. ‘Khata’ is a story about two young lovers who elope and get married without the permission of their parents. But these two lovers left the house in a mistake which was not planned by them. In the fear of Rabia’s father Rumi and Rabia ran from the house and to stay away from the people talking about them, they got married.

All the actions taken by them were mistakes piling on each other, with lots of pleasing Rumi comes back home with his wife but his mother was not in the favor of the marriage. She would torture Rabia and try her level best that she would leave the house. After a long time Rabia’s parents accepted her and asked her to come back home, she went back leaving Rumi and his family behind.

Misunderstandings took place and Rabia was expecting at that time, but situations got so messed up that divorce was going to take place. Rumi got married to Esha due to his mother and sister’s pressure, and he just did it because of them. Rabia gave birth to a baby girl and Rumi was not aware about it but then he came to know.

Due to the second marriage Rumi’s love increased for Rabia and Esha felt it, she tried her best that Rabia would come back to Rumi’s life. Rumi’s mother went and asked for forgiveness and Rabia’s father forgave them and things got back to normal.

Karma is not in anyone’s favor so we must take care of all the relations and forgive all them who are important to us. Watch all the episode of ‘Khata’ here.

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