Childhood, the most beautiful and memorable time of a person’s life is home to memories which last a lifetime, but one vulnerable incident can be devastating.

Muqabil was ARY’s exclusive drama serial which highlighted one of the many growing problems of the society “Child Molestation”. The main character “Parisa” was a victim of child abuse having suffered a lot in her life. Her confidence was totally shattered because of her experiences she had faced leading her to become an introvert. Although, found her sanity in Armaan, a middle class man she got married to but could never trust him.

On an average, 11 children are abused daily. ARY showcased this brutal reality in its exclusive Drama, “Muqabil” which taught us a few important lessons.


People who tend to be nice to you are not necessarilyyour friends. Only your blood relations are your true adherents. Your friends, neighbors, and everybody you think you can call your own are the ones can turn into demons when time comes. Do not blindly trust anyone, you never know what intentions a person has for you. Working parents usually leave their children at home with nannies or servants with full faith on them. But, they never know that an apparent loyal servant can turn into an animal if left alone.


Our society is becoming increasingly liberal day by day. The open mindedness seems to be diminishing the limits between opposite genders. Children are innocent, they will adapt to whatever they see in their surroundings. Being naive they can easily fall into anyone’s trap. It is important for you to teach your child to maintain distance from every stranger for their own safety.


Now a days, parents are very career oriented. They want to earn money for the betterment of their children, but at the same time they forget that their children might be needing them. Try not to put work before your children.Listening to your child makes for a good communication bond between parents and their children. A good communicative relationship with your children, will break barriers and make a child share everything with you.


God forbid, if someone molests your child, try to encourage them as much as you can. Do not ask them to be quiet. Let them speak, let them cry, let them shout. This may not help them to heal but it will definitely help them to feel better. Be their voice, strengthen your child.


If you cannot think of any place which might help you get justice, turn towards media. Media can become your voice in raising awareness. Never be ashamed of telling your story to people. You might get negative responses by a certain classbut the majority shall support you. You shall not be alone in your fight against the brutal society. Remember, truth always prevails.


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