Wives are meant to keep the family members together and lead a happy life with them but there are brides who act the other way around as well. ‘Daraar’ is a story about a newly wedded bride Aalia who ruined her in-laws life deliberately. She was succeeding with all her planning but the secret had to pour out, she made her husband, Sohaib become against his own brother Tabish and asked him to leave the house.

Aalia even made her brother Atif get married to Ainnie knowing all his facts about his life and she still made Ainnie get married to Atif just to ruin her sister-in-law. When the truth came out in front of Sohaib he threw Aalia out of the house and that is the time when she actually came to know that what she did was wrong.  Her own parents were not supporting her and her in-laws started to dislike her also.

Aalia father’s has a soft heart and he couldn’t see her daughter go through this pain of being thrown out of her own house so he requested Ainnie to explain Sohaib to take Aalia back home. He took Aalia back home but he couldn’t give her the same respect as she should have gotten in the first place. Aalia tried her level best to win their hearts back but once when the respect and love is gone it can never come back.

This is a very known fact that once a mistake this big takes place one cannot forgive you no matter how hard one tries, once the respect is gone it’s very difficult to win it back. Watch all the episodes of ‘Daraar’ here.

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