Koi Nahi Apna

Koi Nahi Apna

Love is a beautiful feeling if; both the lovers have a mutual understanding between them. Once when the love is affected it gets tough to continue the relationship. Spending time with the loved one and making them happy are ways of showing love and affection and it’s a part of the relationship. Hamza has always been busy with his office work and was not giving time to his wife and kid which became the reason for Alveera to demand for a divorce.

The case was taken to the court for the custody of the child and Fariya being the Lawyer for Hamza, already offended Alveera. With Hamza’s mother coming back she is being very negative and the only thing that she is repeating on is to divorce Alveera, give away the child and get married to Fariya. Listening to his mother in his stressful situation made Hamza burst out after the judge announcing of giving Shiza’s custody to the mother.

Alveera is really happy that Shiza is given to her but Hamza is in deep depression and asks Alveera if he can keep Shiza for a few days more. Alveera’s father is continuously forcing her to get engaged to Zaka while Alveera refuses and asks her parents to wait till she gets divorced. Alveera is happy about Shiza’s custody but deep inside she still has soft corner for Hamza but due to her ego she is not confronting him. Rather than going for a divorce it is better for the couple to consult with each other and clear out the difference.

The title of the drama is ‘Koi Nahi Apna’ which tells us that the couple will get divorced but we never know anything can happen in the last episode. Let’s watch the last episode of ‘Koi Nahi Apna’ on 3rd of September 2014 to see what happen to this once-in-love-couple. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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