Koi Nahi Apna

Lies and liars can lead to destroy oneâ€â„¢s life and when your own parents do it one gets devastated. Alveera is deeply in love with Hamza but when her father tried to ruin the relationship she got distant from him. He forced Alveera to get a divorce and get married to another boy of her fatherâ€â„¢s choice where Zainab who is Alveeraâ€â„¢s best friend unveiled the secret.

Zainab forcibly went to Alveera and spilled out all the secrets of Alveeraâ€â„¢s dad but there was no way for her to accept it until Shiza who is Alveeraâ€â„¢s daughter confirmed it. All the misunderstanding started when the father-in-law insulted Hamza and Shiza and sent them out of the house and he stated that Hamza took Shiza on his own terms. Alveera won the case in the court also on gaining Shizaâ€â„¢s custody but then it came to a happy ending when the best friend played her role.

The ending was really emotional when Alveera came back to Hamza and asked for forgiveness over her behavior and blind faith over her parents. She was ashamed but Hamza being the better one in the relationship accepted everything and made the marriage go back to normal. Hamza was completely shattered when Shiza was taken away by Alveera and he was left all alone. But it had to have a happy ending, initially when the title of the drama was noticed â€ËœKoi Nahi Apnaâ€â„¢ it was assumed that maybe the couple would end up in a divorce but it was the other way round. The credit goes to Zainab who took the initial step and that’s what a best friend should do.

Koi Nahi Apna

The whole drama was to aware all the people that we must not blindly trust anyone not even our parents we must be aware of what is happening around and act accordingly. So â€ËœKoi Nahi Apnaâ€â„¢ was a happy ending and one must learn to compromise and act wisely in a relationship.

The drama comes to an end with it’s happy ending you can always refresh your memories by watching all the episodes here.

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