Khuda Na Karay

Khuda Na Karay

Falling in love is experienced my every individual but marrying the one you love is not in everyone person’s destiny. ‘Khuda Na Karay’ is a story about a girl Abrish who loves her father a lot, but a mistake changed everything in her life. Abrish’s father confirmed the relationship between Abrish and Babar who is Zaheer’s friend’s son.

Abrish was not ready to marry Babar because she loves Farhad but wasn’t brave enough to confess it in front of her father or sister. But eventually she did inform her sister but she told her to move on with their father’s decision. Farhad also tried to commit suicide when Abrish told him that she will say yes for the Nikkah but before she could sit for the ceremony she got to know about the suicide. On the actual day of the Nikkah Abrish refused for the Nikkah which resulted to her father’s insult.

Zaheer is shattered and is not talking to anyone he just wants to be left alone, he refused to eat or talk to anyone. He also blamed Abiha that she knew about it and didn’t mention it to her father, everyone is trying to explain Zaheer that it happened but yet his respect is the biggest thing in the world. On the other hand Farhad’s mother is also against the whole love but the youngsters are still stuck to each other.

Abiha’s relation is on a difficult phase now and the boy’s family is considerate thinking that Abiha also might do the same thing on the Nikkah day. Well the discussion is going on and nothing is stable except the love for each other found in the young couple. They all are praying for ‘Khuda Na Karay’ so that whatever positive points that they pray for come true and not the negative ones.

Watch ‘Khuda Na Karay’ every Mondat at 8:00 pm to see what will happen to this young couple, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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