Khuda Na Karay

Khuda Na Karay

Parents are the most important people in one’s life, girls are ideally attached to their fathers and we see this situation in ARY Digital’s new drama ‘Khuda Na Karay’. Abrish and Abiha are two loving sisters who tease each other yet they are the backbones for one another and their father as well. Both the girls are fond of gardening and spend their time creatively, Zaheer loves his daughters and nothing can come in between their relationship.

Abrish is studying in university and is in love with Farhad who loves her back equally. This relationship has been hidden from Abrish’s dad but Farhan has shared it with this mother. Azeem who is Zaheer’s friend passed away due to heart attack and this left him in deep thoughts. He has two young daughters who have to get married and this is Zaheer’s duty. The girls can’t think of living without their father as they lost their mother at a very young age.

Imran who is also Zaheer’s friend is coming over for dinner with his wife and son Babar. The whole reason for this get-together is that Babar’s parents want to make Abrish their daughter in law. Zaheer is not ready for this but yet he said yes to Imran, while they asked for them to get the Nikkah done is ten days. By sharing this news with Abrish it shattered her and she is not happy about it because she is in love with Farhad.

Watch ‘Khuda Na Karay’ every Monday at 8:00 PM to see what will Abrish do next. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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