Another episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai brings in so much more to the drama, the show kick starts with the building up chemistry of Mahi and Zain. The two have developed strong feelings for each other but the sole problem is Zain’s mother who might disagree with them getting hitched.

The fact the Mahi adopts a street girl, and is willing to pay all her school and other bills really bothers her mother. Her bold behavior and strong emotions might actually cause her problems in future. Her affection for others is what makes Zain propose her, but his mother hates Mahi’s confidence and hence, bluntly refuses to this marriage.

Furthermore, Zain tells Mahi that his mother dislikes her but he assures that he will convince her and marry her. Zain’s mother finally agrees to this decision but her fear that ‘woh larki ghar basaane vaali nahi hai’ really bothers her.

Mahi drops of Sona to hostel hoping that she will learn and make something out of her, a bright future is all she wants for that girl.

Moreover, Zain’s brother comes in a picture, the two get together and surprise their mother. This drama serial just leaves you wanting more and now for the next episode, will Zain and Mahi’s marriage be a success? How is their life about to change? What more is coming towards them?

Find out all the answers in the next episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai on Saturday at 8.00 PM only on ARY Digital





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