The teaser of the latest drama serial Khuda Mera Bhi Hai clarifies that ARY Digital is on the verge of  delivering something out of the box to their audience. The drama is penned by Asma Nabeel with Shahid Shafat as the director. The drama has a very moving plot and the teaser without a doubt give you goose bumps. The story is about a couple who are surprised by the arrival of a transgender baby. The pair is as confused as any regular couple would be.

The leads of this drama are Ayesha Khan and Jibran Syed. For a couple – the most cherished moment is when they are blessed with the bundle of joy, but for these two it turned out to be something unexpected.

The teaser reveals how Isra Ghazal yells at her husband saying ‘hamari bahu ne hijra paida kiya hai’ and how Jibran Syed is compelling Ayesha Khan to abandon the baby. The fact that this topic is even brought into light is a huge deal for any media channel. It matters not what someone is born to be, but what they are and what they grow to be. There’s no doubt that this is a taboo subject in Pakistan,

Furqan Qureshi will be playing the role of Ayesha and Jibran’s transgender son and Hira Tareen will be playing the role of Jibran Syed’s best friend. However, Saba Hameed is Ayesha Khan’s mother and Aly Khan will be playing the part of Furqan Qureshi’s tutor.

The teaser shows how a transgender actually screams that ‘nahi paal sakegi tu issye, dede humein!’ The entire plot looks very promising, highlighting a sensitive issue of our society that nobody is willing to discuss or is too afraid to raise.

The other teaser shows how Jibran Syed is drowning in his own tears and hating himself, however, Ayesha Khan is just not ready to give up on her baby.

We can’t wait to watch this new drama, as the teaser has already forced everyone to think twice about ‘what more is coming?’ Stay tuned to ARY Digital for more updates and don’t forget to watch Khuda Mera Bhi Hai.

The teaser has been appreciated by many on social media too.



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