We in a world of extremism focuses more on the chauvinism and eventually each individual turns out to built complications for the community of hermaphrodites, the drama serial Khuda Mera bhi Hai is written by Asma Nabeel and directed by Shahid Shafaat building an understanding and awareness to cut some slack to the hermaphrodite community as they also belong to this planet and may adhere with same lifestyle that a normal being has. The episode has definitely jolted our thoughts with the audacity of Noor and his struggle of confronting his father and grandfather and by accepting the fact of his existence being different with the normal individuals.

The episode displays the empowerment of politeness and positivity in such a way that it brings a fragment of hope for such community that is neglected badly in today’s world. Mahi is in a state of a confusion and deals with different sort of think clouds that has cluttered her mind for choosing a right decision , Mikayal on the other hand has hearts for Mahi and is definitely pursuing her at any cost , he has also contributed immensely in the upbringing of Noor and watched him grow with Mahi.


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The serial has projected a different side of a story that has a strong influence and the characters into it has strong skills to portray their sense of responsibility in their areas. Mahi’s father in law is very supportive and loves his grand child with all the odds , however Zain is not accepting Noor as his child and fights with his negativity everyday, seems like he is still in love with Mahi after their petition of marriage annulment although he has remarried but there is an emptiness that haunts him.

Will Mahi be able to make her decision for Mikayal’s proposal?
Will Noor find his father’s love?
Will Zain ever forget Mahi (his first love)?
Has Mikayal made his place in Mahi’s heart?

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