Maira is firm on her stand and the parents are left with no other choice but to give in. They make a deal that they would  meet Javed on only one condition; if they find a single fault, Maira will have to back off from her ‘Zidh’.

Confident on her choice and Javed’s faultlessness , Maira agrees.

Javed comes to meet Maira’s family, wearing clothes he got from a second hand store. Ahson (Maira’s brother) greets him at the entrance and welcomes him inside the house. They have dinner together and the father carries a complete interview with a string of questions related to him and his ‘Khandan’.

Upon meeting Javed, Maira’s father isn’t impressed at all , he tells his daughter that ‘Uski niyaat main hi khoat hai’. He finds no honesty in his words and thinks the story he told about his father and  grandfather is fake and made up. He further adds that Javed’s main aim and motive is money!

Maira throws a new series of tantrums, locks herself in her room which once again makes her family give in to her stubbornness. Unwillingly they agree to visit Javed’s house.

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The meeting goes just as anyone in a sane mind would expect it to go! There is a huge class difference and it screams loud and clear.

Maira’s father can not push his daughter into a life that he knows isn’t fit for her. While her father is trying to save her, she has a blind eye towards reality and is only driven by her want! She wants to marry Javed and will not be stopped, she suggests a court marriage!


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