Mistakes are for people to learn from them and they should be forgiven on it, but at times such mistakes cannot be forgiven and one of them we see in ARY Digital’s drama ‘Khata’. Rumi likes Rabia and he went to her house to meet her but due to Rabia’s aunt who saw them together scared them that she would spill out the secret to Rabia’s dad. In this fear the young the couple left the house which left everyone in a tensed situation.

Rabia is very upset and scared of her father and can’t stop thinking that what will happen to her once she returns home. Her father is finding every possible way to find Rabia but it’s not possible. Rumi’s sister’s Shumaila’s mehndi was taking place when Rabia’s father asked the police to arrest the family members in the case of kidnapping. Rabia and Rumi are staying at Ahmed’s place who is Rumi’s friend.

Ahmed’s father bailed out Rumi’s family and Rehan who was going to tie a knot with the family refused to the relationship. Rumi was very upset knowing about the incident that happened with his family. To hide the young couple, they shifted to another flat where Rumi and Rabia are staying and Rumi is trying his best to keep Rabia safe.

Rumi and Rabia are in deep thoughts and praying that Rabia’s father wont kill them. Watch ‘Khata’ every Wednesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital if you missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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