‘Khata’ is a story about two youths who kept multiplying their mistakes, due to their innocence. They did such blunders which cannot be corrected and they are ashamed about it. Rumi is a teenage boy who likes Rabia and in his innocence he reached Rabis’a place to meet her with the fear of her father they left the house. The father filed a case of kidnapping and the kids thought that what the society would say so the couple got married with Nikkah ceremony.

This decision completely displeased the parents from both the ends and Rabia’s parents disowned her. In all this Rumi’s sister relationship got spoilt too and they are completely blaming it on Rabia. Well Rabia and Rumi came back and are staying at Rumi’s place. Rabia so wants to go home to her parents but she doesn’t have the guts to do so. Rumi’s mother is trying to take out all the grudges on her by making her do the house work and making the life difficult for the young girl.

With all the time and while she was missing her parents she made her will and went to meet her parents. On meeting the parents her father tried to strangle her but the mother and aunt stopped it. The father said that Rabia is an insult to him and she should leave the house.

On the thinking of society and the taunts that the father is receiving he decided to leave the house. The mother is not agreeing to it and this created a new conflict. Watch ‘Khata’ every Wednesday at 8:00 pm to see what will happen to this young couple, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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