Drama serial “Shiza” an Ary Digital upcoming project is out with its original soundtrack and is released with the video of the track . The title of the song is Iltijah sung by Rup Magon and Qurram Hussain affiliated with the band called “Josh” and the video is directed by Sohail Javed. if you just give it a listen you will be mesmerized  with the tranquil voice quality the band has portrayed, This is Josh’s first OST for any drama serial.

The track is heart touching with beautiful poetry  as the track illustrates the entire story line of the serial.  The sightings are beautiful as the video has been shot at the beach and the scenes captured the scorched sun impacts a major idea of the play. The lightings and cinematography of the released scenes are amazing and define its own story.

By listening to the track I cannot help push stop button , its very encouraging to know that our drama industry is actually projecting  such taboos  in dramas and are emphasizing to bring the awareness  amongst masses to recreate the sense of society and how to live a life as a normal being.  We are bound by countless traditions and this what “Shiza” is all about as we will get to see one of the taboo being discussed.
Fingers crossed to watch this new play only on Ary Digital.

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