We all have trouble wearing defined sized jeans and eventually end up in a loose fit or too tight to handle, these days girls intend more towards casual dressing and it looks effortless trendy. So here are some tips for you to choose your best sized and kind of jeans that compliments your body type.

Wide Leg Jeans For Fashionable Girls, the pants are definitely not straight but contains amazing silhouette. This pair of jeans can be worn at your informal job and looks very classy.

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High Rise Jeans For Camouflaging Belly, these pair of pants are the most wanted as girls are grabbing em for their belly to look more sleek and tuck in, High rise jeans can make a heavy weight look composed.

Cropped Jeans For Bare Ankles, this cropped series can be a great strategy of pants in your closest , amazing fits and cool hems makes it more like a high fashion.

Selvedge Jeans For DIY Cutoff Hem, well the old pair of jeans can be useful in your own creation as the selvedge jeans are back in fashion, they are much baggier and can be worn with the tight top, so ladies you can cut em off and hem it by yourself to make a cooler look.

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Flare Jeans For Vintage Look, these pair are really good and friendly as it creates a blended look of 80’s and present times , one can really dress it in a modern way and at the same it has a vintage feel.

Skinny Jeans, the go-to pair of pants are always ready and available in our closet , you can feel polished in them and can be carried to any of the occasion. It is sheerly style in crisp form.

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