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The cast of the upcoming movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” has been in the spotlight for aggressively promoting the film worldwide. the cast of film recently graced the popular show of ARY Digital “Jeeto Pakistan”.

The show starts with a humorous line by Ahmed Ali butt “Aur app dekh rahay hain Jeeto Pakistan, acha mera naam Fahad Mustafa nahi hai, warna app log sooch rahay hongay kay shayed Fahad Mustafa ney bhens kha li hai poori.”

Ahmed Ali Butt Intro by arydigitalofficial

He also joked about Fahad Mustafa leaving ARY and introduced himself as the new host.

Moving further,  Fahad enters the stage and wins his hosting rights through a bet of 50 push ups while Butt just stays their lying on his tummy.

Fahad Enters The Stage and Wins His Hosting Rights by arydigitalofficial

After a few round of games, Sarwat Gillani and Ayesha Khan join the boys on stage, all dolled up in glamorous outfits. Sarwat Gilani paired her denims with black and gold while Ayesha Khan looked stunning in red!

Ayesha Khan & Sarwat Gillani Entry by arydigitalofficial

The second set of guests was Wasay Chaudry and Uzma Khan. Wassay started with complimenting Fahad for his spectacular hosting and energy. Rest of the cast followed his lead and started flattering him too!

Wasay Ch & Uzma Khan Entry by arydigitalofficial

Mehwish Hayat was the final guest looking chic in striped pants and a black top perfectly accessorized in gold bling. When asked about her character, she answered that she’s playing the role of a “badmaash larki” which is very similar to her own personality.

Mehwish Entry by arydigitalofficial

The highlights of the show were power packed performances by the cast on the title track and the thaki thiki dance.

Thaki Thiki By Jawani Phir Nahi Ani Cast by arydigitalofficial


Both the leads Humayou Saeed and Hamaz Ali Abaasi were missing from the promotion. And the audience felt their absence.

Dance Competition on Jawani Phir Nahi Ani Song by arydigitalofficial

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