Drama serial Waada just got interesting, and the  fact that we all hate Jaana makes her character even more intriguing. Saboor Ali has certainly outdone herself in the drama so far. The story moves forward with Jaana plotting against Sumera in order to get Shahab’s attention. With every passing her, her obsession for Shahab increases.

Her regular evil tactics and what not has caused just a tad bit of his concern towards her, the woman dreams beyond her imagination and her goal to marry Shahab is probably ridiculous as ever. On the other hand Shahab and Sumera are expecting another baby and that news confirm their love, but Jaana get extremely mad and could eat someone alive!

Moreover, Shahab’s driver makes a move on Jaana when there was no one home, but he was stopped by Shahab. This is another plus for Jaana as now she has everyone’s sympathy, her alligator tears caught the entire families attention but according to Arif she’s a complete crook with countless maneuverings.

Now that Sumera is expecting, her hubby is busy taking care of her, and Jaana is caught up with trying to achieve Shahab. No one could even envision that a girl who’s being a goodie two shoes could stoop so low, she’s like a life savior for everyone. Jaana even told her mother how her target is Shahab but she was warned as his love for his wife is pure, and now that a bundle of joy is on its way, their bond is stronger.

Jaana thinks that Shahab’s concern for her is love, he might be falling for her – how naive can she be? Do you think Jaana will succeed in her wicked plans? Will this entire family find the true colors of Jaana? What else does have in store? Find out more answers in the next episode of Waada on Wednesdays at 8.00 pm only on ARY Digital.


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