Ishq Parast is a story about a young, beautiful and charming girl Dua, who has her own fantasies and dreams about her love and life. Dua was in deep love with Hamza but to keep her parents happy she got married to Zohaib, Hamza got aggressive thinking that Dua cheated on him.

Dua tried her best to explain Hamza but then the love turned into a war, Hamza tried his best to ruin her life. He faked his love with Arsala who is Dua’s sister-in-law Hamza made up the entire story to stay in the same house with Dua. Arsala got trapped in Hamza’s love which was a complete lie.

Hamza ruined Dua life in every way possible, he even made the siblings fight with each other, Arsala left the house and Hamza was happy thinking that he was succeeding in his mission. In this tussle Hamza shared the entire plotting with Arsala’s aunt and Arsala over-heard them. She was guilty about the whole situation and the incidents made her loose her brother who she was unable to live without.

Arsala ended the love story Ishq Parast with a drastic ending which was not expected and gave the best possible climax to the entire story.

If you have missed any of the episodes of ‘Ishq Parast’ watch them here.

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