Children of celebrities have always been highlighted and given an edge in the industry. One such example is Shehroz Subzwari, son of renowned actor Behroz Shabzwari, who is following his father’s path and proving his metal in different Pakistani dramas. Looking at Shehroz’s ventures ‘Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay’ ‘Badtameez’ ‘Billo Bablu & Bhaiyya’, he has always played the role of a youngster. But his role in Hum TV’s ‘Bhool’, where he is playing the role of a father of two, is quite different and not an easy one.  Simultaneously, he is doing the role of a 17 years’ teenager in a new drama serial for ARY Digital, the title of which is ‘Khata’.

Watching Khata’s trailer it seems as if the drama was shot years ago and this was my first question to Shehroz, is it shot a long time back?

The young actor laughed and said “No, this is my recent drama and I am currently busy with its shooting.” His reply left us in complete shock, as how the actor has matured in his acting and has managed to pull of such a role.

He is currently 27 years old and became father of a daughter named Nooreh, a newcomer to the Sabzwari family, but looking at him in ‘Khata’ doesn’t make him look 27 from anywhere.

Shehroz Subzwari

In ‘Bhool’, Shehroz has a beard and maintains a serious look of a father of two kids and at the same time being clean shaved and putting on a sleazy smile to master the teenage college boy’s look. He has proven himself as a veteran actor in both the drama serials. One looks changed as he matures and so was the case with Shehroz, but to perform in two different roles of a teenager and a father simultaneously, was surely a great job done by him.

In ‘Khata’, he is playing a teenage boy who falls in love and does his best to make the girl express her love for him, this is all what we can predict from the trailers at the moment. He would jump from a moving rickshaw, dance in the middle of the road and have that flirtatious smile that any girl would die for. He would also get slapped by the girl to do justice to his role. Previously people would only die for his looks and smile but looking at him switching roles this way, would definitely aid in growing his fan following exponentially.

Shehroz Subzwari

 Here we bring you some facts about his life and career.

What if you weren’t born with a silver spoon? How would have things been?

“To judge the intensity of a situation you have to be in it yourself, I can easily say from sitting here that it would’ve been tough but that’s because I’m not actually in that situation so I’m finding it tough right now, but you never know it might would’ve been easy too.”

What is the worst and best compliment that you have heard about yourself?

“My favorite compliment is when I’m complimented on the versatility of my acting. Worst is when some website put me on the list of ten worst actors haha.”

Does your character in ‘Khata’ reflect your teenage life?

“Not at all. I had a very different teenage life. ‘Khata’ is a character I loved and for that I picked up lots of inspirations to do it the right way.”

What was it about ‘Khata’ that interested you?

“The idea of playing a 17 year old at the age of 27 inspired me to do the role.”

Has your life changed after becoming a father? Did responsibilities increase?

“Obviously! My life has completely changed and I am a proud daddy now.”

Shehroz Subzwari

Tell us something about your role in ‘Khata’? What is the story like?

“It’s a very good script and has a very important tag line that I don’t want to disclose. Teasers and promos are giving away some of the story and I am not happy with that. You have to keep your audience guessing sometimes and should not unfold the entire story in a single promo.”

If you get a chance to work in Bollywood who would you like to start off with?

“I would like it to be with an ‘intelligent’ director be it anyone and a good script.”

Which upcoming actors do you consider promising?

“Agha Ali, Feroze Khan and Shereyar Munnawar are the new upcoming promising actors.”

Which of your father’s role you like the most and wish to act in the same frame?

“Nausha from ‘Khuda ki Basti’ is one of my favorites.”

Is there any message to the youth and the newcomers in the industry?

“Have faith in Allah and dream big. I’m a dreamer myself.”

These are all the promos for you to watch the veteran actor and how he has changed himself for the drama ‘Khata’. Don’t forget to watch it from 10th September 2014 at 8:00 PM only on ARY Digital.

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