This morning was a fun and remarkable one at Ary Zindgi when the exclusive social media sensational personalities were invited at Faisal Qureshi’s Show as they make you hit your mobile phones and might break your replay button of watching the videos again and again.


The multi-tasked Waseem Hassan Sheikh who got a huge fame on his first ever internet commercial for “Axcuse Me” is popular for his creativity and unique ideas of propagating the advertisements over social media and has gained lot of eyes and attention in a very short span of time, Waseem added fun in the morning show.


However, he was accompanied by the most watched short clips slash birthday wisher guy Nasir Khan Jan made the show much seeable . Nasir makes short videos over internet and provides the service to send your loved ones a lovely birthday wish and people do send requests for  the same, he is also a guide for your eating healthy food strategy by explaining its benefits which you might ignored -Lol! It was really fun to invite Nasir & Waseem on a morning show and it went real good.


Also we had Dino on the show former Rj-Radio Jockey and has good young people fan following also made the screen fun-blast . So it was blend of good humor along with the good talker and ofcourse with some pinch of creativity on the top is definitely a recipe of fun factor at its peak.

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