When we talk about the accountability , we think that children are so accountable and explainable to their parents, but have we ever think of how much parents are explainable to their children? So, the point occurs have we really hurt our child by scolding him/her in public? Didn’t we were on our best infront of his/her  friends ? These questions arouse in minds only when we confront the reality of being liable to tell the truth to our children. So when these things and situation has been done , did we offer our apologies?  I would like to make it clear that over here I’m not being specific about parent children relationship but elder siblings should also be responsible to act and behave in a certain manner with their young ones so that they won’t feel ashamed or manipulated.


It is important if we think about our child’s overwhelming traits and to think of his/ her competencies, so why to take it under the shadows by diminishing the confidence they bear within. Usually moms make an apology to her child after scolding him/her but you need to balance the parenting style in certain way that mentoring children won’t make them spoiled. So to create a sense of handling their own stuff we need to apologize several times to these infants so that they start taking the liability of handling their emotions and  should be responsible for their own actions.

Are we really feeding these children’s mind with something legit? So it depends on the parenting style , most of the parents lean more towards the authoritarian part of the parenting , instead of counseling them the peers tend to pin point their competencies which can bring damage to their confidence.


“Mom pls chill out!”,

“Mom I think i need some privacy at the moment”,

“Mom can you pls leave me alone?”

Such comments you hear in everyday routine when your children slams the words right at your face , maybe there was something gruesome about what you did or maybe your child literally felt unappreciated. Children are like sponge cause they  absorb more and are capable of catching things that revolves around them.  So just don’t sit and sob rather you can build a difference by being apologetic to your children to make them able to earn the self confidence and to take control of their emotions.

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