dil nahi manta

dil nahi manta

Making compromises in one’s life is not an easy task and when it’s come to the parents the child gets helpless.  ‘Dil Nahi Manta’ is a story about a boy Huzaifa who is entangled in his parent’s choice who wants him to marry the girl of their choice. Suhena is his father’s choice while Huzaifa’s mother wants him to marry Shanzay.

Huzaifa gets married to both of them and then Suhena gets very aggressive. She doesn’t stuff that she should not and this made Huzaifa’s father raise his hand on her. Huzaifa gets angry and screams at Shanzay also and both the girls leave for their own house. Huzaifa then realizes that he loves Shanzay and plans to divorce Suhena. This thought was accepted by all and everything was working accordingly.

Suhena tried her best that she would win him back but then it didn’t happen, Huzaifa went and apologized to Shanzay and her parents whereas he went to give the divorce papers to Suhena. But when he went to do that Suhena, she shocked him with the news that she is expecting.

Watch ‘Dil Nahi Manta’ every Saturday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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