Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Bipasha Basu, Tamannaah Bhatia, Nawwab Shah, Esha Gupta and Ram Kapoor.

Directed and written by:

Sajid Khan

Pakistanis are hungry for Bollywood movies and having a comic genre always attracts the audiences to watch it. But lame comedy is very difficult to poke one to laugh on, and when the director has delivered a pure disaster in the past director Sajid Khan has learnt to crack jokes on him-self. There was a scene where the mental asylum’s warden decides to torture the patients by making them watch Sajid Khan’s own ‘Himmatwala’ can you imagine someone making fun of own-self. In the end credits also again they take out the DVD of Sajid’s sister Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’ to use it as a source of torture.

This means that the director is well aware of his previous tortures then why did he add a new movie to his pack, ‘Humshakals’ is an equal torture like the previous releases. One can’t help it rather than laughing on sarcastic jokes that Sajid Khan added to his movie on himself and his sister. Unfortunately, the laughs in the movie were eyebrow raisers and it was more of a torture for one to watch.


It is not possible to handle triple role in one single film even Hrithik Roshan minimized his role in the ‘Krish’ series as triple role is too much to handle. In ‘Humshakals’ there was three of each character and surprisingly they were named the same. What a coincident! The story revolves around a greedy uncle (Ram Kapoor) of a tycoon, Ashok (Saif Ali Khan), who produces a plot to take over the riches dishonestly. While the uncle schemes it up with his doctor-friend (Nawwab Shah) complications arise when they discover the look-alikes of Ashok and his friend Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) and there is where all the so-called fun takes place.

No doubt there were a few laughs in the movie but the lame jokes would just leave you with a headache when the agony ended. A movie is known for their songs but ‘Humshakals’ lacked good songs just one song was appealing in the movie ‘Caller-tune’ but it’s not one of those for anyone to have it on their playlists. The other song ‘Barbaad Raat’ resembled the other song in Sajid Khan films like ‘Papa Jag Jayge’ from ‘Housefull’ and ‘Right Now Now’ from ‘Housefull 2’ which were in the night-suits and had the same scenario. Lack of experiments was also seen in the movie where Sajid was playing safe but till he couldn’t win the hearts of many.


Handling a complicated screenplay is indeed Sajid’s expertise; the plot was confusing but the director un-wrapped it in such a way where the audiences exactly know what is happening. Although the perverted jokes were absent in the movie which is a good sign but the jokes that were cracked were not much funny. Keeping the storytelling simple and uncomplicated, the fun quotient is missing for most parts, the scene where the boys were masked as females was funny that was the only part which was just next to comical.

There were some audiences who liked the movie but when it’s a comic genre jokes, laugh, picky/witty lines should never be in short supply. With the 159 minutes ‘Humshakals’ dragged us with the movie, although actors presented their best foot forward.


The movie belongs to Riteish and Saif, who proved, with their incredible timing of comedy. Ritesh has lately been the king of comedy films and he maintains his graph, watch him in all three roles and you’d agree, he adds so much to the sequences. Saif though steps into a new territory with this one, but he did his best here. The girls were pulling the movie together are pure eye-candies and Ram Kapoor too gets to portray parts that demand him to go over the top and the actor does complete justice to them. Chunkey Pandey is wasted where Nawwab Shah was natural with his role.

On the whole ‘Humshakals’ tries too hard to make us laugh but it doesn’t work. Watch it for the sake of having little fun but don’t blame because you are already warned.

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