Morey Saiyaan is romantic tale of Ghaziyaan and Zubaria, the two are developing with the story and so is there chemistry. Where on one hand Ghaziyaan likes her enough to marry her, Zubaria on the other hand is just focused on her education and family – trying to maintain distance from Ghaziyaan. We all want these two cuties to tie the knot soon, but due to the family drama that seems unlikely.

Zubaria is someone who probably is extremely reserved, someone who doesn’t like music, doesn’t appreciate bright colors or doesn’t even know how to live a  life to fullest. Ghaziyaan and her are poles apart, but yet he’s drawn to her, little does he know – Nimra awaits him and can’t wait to marry him.

When Ghaziyaan decides to drop Zubaria home he meets her brother and her father, looks like he enjoyed the company and out of nowhere Ghaziyaan just proposes Zubaria! Like a prince waiting for his princess’s yes, Ghaziyaan eagerly waits for her response. Who saw that coming? A sudden proposal?

But guess what? The news that his phopho breaks to him just leaves him dumbfounded. He suddenly finds out that his wedding dates with Nimra have been fixed. He just proposed Zubaria and this is what he hears when he reaches home.

What will happen next? Is Ghaziyan going gave in that easy? Will he marry Zubaria? Or will Nimra be fine with this decision? How will Zakia response to this? For her it’s all ridiculous!

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