The hottest trends at Cannes 2017

When it comes to hair and makeup, celebrities bring in their A-game to the Cannes Film Festival in France every year. We rounded up the best beauty looks and make up trends at Cannes this year.



  1. Back swept hair

From Bella Hadid to Lily Collin’s tied back hair with wireback swept hair could be seen as the biggest hair trend at Cannes.We’re feeling her fuchsia lipstick, too.

  1. SnoggedLips


One of the Biggest 2017’s fall runway trends was seen sporting by Elle Fanning on the red carpet. The no lip liner, blurred, watermelon colored lip had all eyes set on the American beauty.

  1. Braids


Braids, palpably, never seem to go out of trend.

  1. Color on the lids


 Makeup artists dialed up the most delicate shades in the color spectrum — lilac, coral, baby blue — and applied them messily across the eyes for an effect that was anything but sweet.

  1. Dark Lips


This season’s iteration: Teensy, tiny plaits framing the lipstick shade you’ll want to pick up for fall—bewitching hues of prunes, berries, and purples.


  1. Cool Crops and winged liners.



Bella Hadid, opened her look at Cannes with a cool cropped look paired with a fresh winged liner look over a satin dress with many actresses following suit. The rest of the festival we saw cool short hairstyles that had us seriously contemplating making the cut.



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