dusri biwi

dusri biwi

Having peace of mind is really important for an individual and once that is disturbed one cannot live peacefully. ‘Dusri Biwi’ is a story about Hasan who got married for the second time when he was happy with his first wife. The second marriage took place due to his anxiety, he saw Farah’s dad in a difficult moment and he said yes to marry her.

Hasan first wife Aisha is expecting and she needs to take good care of herself at the same moment Farah’s x-fiancé drops a letter for Aisha speaking the truth to him about the second marriage. But luckily Hasan saw the letter and he hid it from her but the maid told Aisha about it and this left her in thoughts that what would the letter say. Farah was worried about and called Aisha to ask about him which left Aisha in deep curiosity. Hasan would not come to meet Farah but when he did she gave him the good news about her expecting.

Hasan was not at all happy because he already has one family to look after one family and he already has a daughter Sanam, well Aisha has been a victim of high blood pressure and this would affect her pregnancy. To keep Aamir away from his family Hasan got him arrested and hopes that he would not do anything like this again. Aisha took a lot of stress and this lead to miscarriage, Hasan was very upset about it that he forgot about everything even Farah’s ultrasound. The case has been very serious and Aisha is unconscious which can lead to a coma. He had to bury his own child with his own hands and he has been thinking that how will he tell Aisha about it.

Watch ‘Dusri Biwi’ every Monday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will Hasan do next. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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