Dusri Biwi

Dusri Biwi

It is very important for every human being to keep the difference between friendship and love, but it’s a fact that a man and woman cannot be friends, it eventually changes into love. ‘Dusri Biwi’ is a story about a man Hasan who is happily married with his wife Aysha having a daughter Sana, but he never knew that he would fall in love with his colleague.

Hasan is a hardworking man and a man that every woman would want as a husband; he knows how to balance his personal and professional life together. The love between this couple was so intense that when Hasan had to attend a conference Aysha was the entire day thinking about him that whether he had food or not. At the conference he met Farah who is a helpless woman because her fiancé is being very cruel to her.

He would insult her anytime anywhere without even thinking twice, he would also put meaningless restrictions on her that she would not work after marriage and all. These types of things are done by illiterate people and Aamir is acting like one. This behavior is making Farah regret of the fact that how did she agree to marry this insane man. On the other hand unconsciously Hasan is being sweet and natural like he is with everyone but maybe this behavior will make Farah get attracted to him.

To see what happens next with Hasan and how this second love story will take place depends as how the story would unfold for us. Watch ‘Dusri Biwi’ every Monday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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