Hamza Ali Abbasi of Pyare Afzal fame decides to bid farewell to Pakistani Ramzan transmissions for good as he feel Pakistan’s media is not ready to talk about the content the actor wants to discuss.

The actor is known to be quite vocal when it comes to voicing his opinions on any topic; be it political, social or religious. Last year during Ramzan, there was a lot of excitement in the air when superstar Hamza Ali Abbasi deciding to be a part of the transmission on Aaj TV called RamzanHamaraEmaan.

In a tweet posted by him that circulated all over social media, he stated how he only did Ramzan transmissions to highlight real issues and talk against oppression and injustice he saw around him. But since the media is not ready to talk about issues he wants to discuss, he decided not to be a part of any Ramzan transmission, putting all rumors to rest.

It was his discussion on a sensitive topic regarding Ahmedis and their rights that landed him in hot water with PEMRA last year during the Ramadan transmission of his show. PEMRA, in an official statement, disclosed that they had received 1,133 complaints on social media and via telephone regarding the content related to the Ahmadi community and some other topics being discussed on RamzanHamaraEmaan, hosted by Hamza.

Disappointing for his fans, hopefully this decision won’t stop Hamza from standing up for what he believes is right voicing his concerns over social media.


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