The previous episode of Moray Saiyan was slow but the good thing is that it’s finally moving forward, unraveling the story. Ghaziyan is set on his decision of marrying Zubaria and not Nimra, but this verdict has caused  a major problem at home. Furthermore, Zakia is after Zubaria to leave Ghaziyan alone, which infact isn’t true, it’s him who’s after her and wants to be with her. The love of Ghaziyan for her is true and he’s willing to take drastic measures for the girl who own his heart.

We too see that Zakia and his father have created a chaos at house and are forcing him to marry Nimra. It’s obviously wrong to force him to shut his feelings away for Zubaria, and give Nimra a loveless life! On the other hand Zubaria feels that Ghaziyan needs to listen to his parents and move on, she doesn’t want to cause any trouble between him and his family.


Zakia is someone who loves to play the victim card and wants to be the center of attention of every single person around her. It seems as if she has spent a lot of time feeding on the bitter memories of the past that she is unable to see how it has been taking a toll on everyone else around her.

Moray Saiyan has developed a new turn where Ghaziyan left his house solely for Zubaria, he knew that his father has made it certain that he can’t live with them if he decides to marry her. Leaving his childhood fiancé behind and moving on with a girl he just met wasn’t very mature of Ghaziyan, but who has any control over their feelings?

It’s about time that all the complicated relationships are untangled and shown properly for us to comprehend the root of the arguments between Zakia an d Gul Zeb. So moving on, do you think Ghaziyan and Zubaria will get married? How will Nimra survive this heartache? What does the character of Kabir brings into the show?

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