Another episode of Ghayal aired last night where the turn of events dropped our jaws. After listening to all the bitter words that Mahira heard from her mother in law, her own mother passed away. Another heart attack took away her life and she left her family drowning in tears.

The death of a mother just takes away your source of happiness, that’s exactly what happened to her daughters and her husband once Khadija passed away. Is there any chance that they will overcome the pain and have a normal life now?

On the other hand Mahira’s mother in law has left no stones unturned to make her suffer and be the worst. Her mother just passed away that’s how she reacts? Complications for this family only rise by every passing day and leave the members of this house just helpless.

Mahira’s entire in laws are moving back to U.S leaving her behind, but Faiz tells her to wait. Leaving a pregnant wife on her own? How manly is that? This leaves her devastated. The drama serial has certainly left many people ghayal.

What will happen to a father who’s one daughter was raped and other was separated from her husband? This is a lot to take in. Will Tooba marry her friends brother? What the future hold for Mahira now – as she’s left all alone with her husband and her in laws?

Watch the next episode of Ghayal only on Thurdays at 9.00 pm on ARY Digital.



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