The last episode of Ghayal was another bumpy ride, countless twists and turns are exactly what we should look forward to when watching Ghayal.

The thought of Adil and Tooba together haunts Moiz and he just can’t get his mind of off the entire situation.

On the other hand Mahira is worried about her father and how he has locked himself up in his room, she wants him to get out and mingle with everyone. Mahira’s friend suggests that either Tooba should meet her father or her father should go see her. This will break the tension and improve the ambience of the entire house.

Moreover, Adil has made his way to the heart of Tooba’s family and they all love and respect him. Tanya and Adil are out having dessert and that just worries Tanya a lot, she says that they’ve been out for a longer time. Is this another evil plot of Adil? When they both return home Tooba goes into a major panic fit – worried if her sister is okay. It’s obvious that seeing her sister with the man who ruined her life – Tooba will lose her senses.


Tooba tells Adil that she will announce it to everyone that he raped her and killed her friend, but Adil let’s her know that this news is going to cause a collateral damage, and her family will face the consequences. Evil runs in his veins and we all are aware of that. All this leads to Adil trying to kill Tooba, but when Mahira barges in – he changes the entire situation telling her that Tooba was trying to end her life because she wants to marry Adil.

On the other hand Mahira doesn’t want to go back to her in laws, she believes that her husband was the cause of her depression and her in laws did not side her when she needed them. Faiz’s mother says that if Mahira doesn’t show up soon he should divorce her.

But guess what? Faiz bluntly refuses that and says that he won’t leave his wife. Adil with his sweet talk convinces his mother to go for Tooba’s proposal. The last scene of the show clarifies that worse is coming towards Tooba’s family.

Will Tooba avenge herself? Is Adil going to succeed in his evil plans and marry Tooba? Tooba’s father is in a state that’s making him sick every day, how will he get better? Will Moiz ever find the truth? To quench the thirst of your curiosity don’t miss out on the next episode of Ghayal tonight! at 8:00 Pm Only on ARY Digital.





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