The fire of obsession and extreme possessiveness turned into cheap thrills and eventually ended to take one’s life in this fire for eternity. Drama serial “Ghayal” is one of the play that illustrates the same; the serial is written by Shagufta Bhatti and directed by Furqan T Siddiqui has a deep effect of family affairs and their bonds that can be disrupted very easily.¬† The last episode of this drama was heart wrenching as Adil was given a lesson of life , however he again attacked Kiran , Hadiya’s sister to get his ways be paved¬† due to the proofs were sorted which made Adil guilty in all the aspects , whatever the deeds were implemented by Adil in the past just to get Tooba which he claims to be the love of his life was menace and shook his state entirely.

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Adil also tried to commit a homicide by adding poisonous element in her drink, but when God’s hand is draped on an individual’s soul no entity can ever harm . This incident opened Hadiya’s eyes and she got a clear idea of Adil’s intention. The last episode of this twisted drama serial jolted our imagination as Kiran’s brother chased Adil to get to his sister and to save this soul from being a victim of Adil’s obsession court.

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On the other hand Adil’s mother took a very bold step by entering into this secret place where Adil kept Kiran all tied up in ropes , Adil’s mom went inside the place and begged her only son to surrender himself and to let Kiran free but he was shot by his own friend due to his stubbornness. Well this play has surely displayed a very crucial side of love which bore the ties of enmity . However Tooba was blessed with a baby girl and her honor and life was given back to her which was eroded in the past.

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Ghayal drama serial is now ended and the last episode definitely left with mixed up feelings.

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