The previous episode of Ghayal introduces an incident where Tooba might actually find her happy ending. After the countless torments of Adil she now deserves to have her share of sanity and that might be coming her way.

Tooba’s aunt however doesn’t misses a chance to taunt Tooba and her parents, but as usual her father is on her side and he shuts his sister up. The news of her proposal pisses Tooba off really bad. Her reaction is pretty obvious, after all she’s been through hell.

A new problem for Tooba is her brother in law who hates her guts and takes her as an inappropriate woman, he thinks she only wants a new man in her life with every passing day. This only cause problems between Faiz and Mahira. Will that be healthy for Mahira and her baby who’s on her it’s way in this new world?

Tooba’s family is considering this new proposal and wishes that Tooba agrees to marry the boy, that seems impossible though. Your past always haunts you and lets you suffer. We think Tooba should get married and be happy with this suitor who really likes her and will certainly keep her happy.

There is so much that you need to know! Will Tooba marry this boy? Is she ever going find her happy ending? How will Mahira and Faiz mend their relationship? is Adil coming back?

Find out all the answers on Ghayal only on ARY Digital on Thursday at 8.00 pm.

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