Now that Adil has left Pakistan, Ghayal has reached on different turn of events. However, Adil and Tooba’s father are unaware of the entire situation. On the other hand Mahira is now finally heading for her own house, to be with her husband even though she doesn’t want to. Tooba and her dad has gotten her so troubled that it’s impossible for her to actually leave her house at peace.

Furthermore, Mahira and Faiz are finally trying to be the happy couple. Faiz makes efforts to keep his wife happy – but obviously Mahira is just reluctant due to all her own family problems. Faiz’s mother reacts in the oddest way when her son and daughter in law decide to head out for a date night. Jealous mother’s are the worst!

Moreover, Tooba finally decides to confront her father so all the tension between them would dwell down but to her surprise, her father tells her off and demands for Tooba to leave his room and never enter. What could be more heart breaking for a daughter? First she loses her dignity , she gets harassed by an awful man and tries to put an end to her life – but now the most haunting thing is her father’s ignorance.

How will Tooba fix her relationship with her father? Will Adil return to haunt Tooba? How will Mahira settle in her new home if her sisters and mother constantly pry in her life? Find out all the answers in Ghayal’s next episode on Thursday at 8.00 Pm only on ARY Digital.

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