In the world full of ghairatmand men, a girl like Saba finally stood up for the protection of women.

Men like Usman and Adnan, who had a misconception that women are meant to sit at home and only men are fit to run the society, though both of them miserably failed to do so.


When their sister, Iqra married somebody she liked, they brutally killed her in the name of honor.

Illiterate and unaware about societal ethics, the men ran their family the way they like. Adnan being a drug-addict could only follow Usman, the elder brother who saw no harm in befriending women but felt it an insult to his “honour” when her sister allowed her class fellow to came up with a proposal and formally asked her mother for her hand in marriage.

With Iqra killed before her eyes, Saba decided to run away from the clutches of her conservative family when she is forced to marry Usman’s brother-in-law.

Saba then established herself as a successful independent woman, with the help of her friend’s mother.

Just to save himself from queries about his sister, Usman announced that Saba was dead but the very “dead” Saba helped him get his bail when he killed another person.

Good deeds seldom help illiterate people realize their mistakes, her brother Usman didn’t overcome his false sense of honour despite being bailed out by Saba.

There, the good for nothing drug-addict came up with a treacherous plan and asked Usman to bring Saba back to kill her like Iqra.

Though warned about her brothers’ plan, Saba decided to go with them and ruined their plan by murdering them both, avenging Iqra’s murder and saving her life.

Though what Saba did was not an ideal thing, but the message she conveyed by overcoming the difficulties she faced when she left her home is that women should stand up for their rights and those of other women.

Legal help was the best thing she could get but our Thana culture doesn’t encourage women who come up with such complaints.

Her actions spoke for those who could not utter a word to defend themselves.

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