Na Maloom Afraad

Na Maloom Afraad


Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Kubra Khan, Salman Shahid and Urwa Hocain.

Directed By:

Nabeel Qureshi

Pakistan is showered with the curse of political issues every single day, whether it is the television, news channel or a part of the newspaper. Not a single day passes that the Pakistanis don’t face the political trouble in their life. Movies are a source of entertainment in one’s life and one watches it to entertain ourselves. Bollywood movies play a vital role to make us happy but when we look back at the Pakistani industry they are trying their best but still the political aspects over shadows everything else from the movie.

‘Na Maloom Afraad’ is a new movie to join the pack of Pakistani movies but by the name itself it brings right to our face that yes it is a political movie. By political movie it doesn’t mean that there are politicians in the movie and they are protesting, the movie shows the reality to the viewers which they themselves are very well aware of. ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ is a good watch but what to do they have also showed the regular strikes, people struggling to earn money and all that a local experiences. It would not make you sad because ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ has the good amount of jokes to make the audiences rolling in their seat with laughter but what about the end. It leaves the viewers in a tempting situation wishing that this should happen with them also which is not appropriate to happen with a regular person.

Na Maloom Afraad

The story starts off with three usual men who are struggling to earn money Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) Moon (Mohsin Abbas Haider) and Shakeel (Javed Sheikh). These reckless poor souls are running after their individual desires that brought them together to one incident that turned their simple life to a roller coaster ride. This ride has numerous twists and turns that those men had to face, run around the chaotic city of Karachi making plans to save their life, love and desires along with the urge to earn money.

The entire movie was shot in Karachi and the Karachiites will really enjoy identify their known roads that the movie was shot on. Songs, variation of characters and glamour can really add the oomph factor for the movie. The glamour was added by Mehwish Hayat Kurba Khan and Urwa Hocain who were the only females in the movie. Mehwish’s role was less which didn’t do justice to her career, Mehwish can perform well but she wasn’t utilized to the core. She was there for a few scenes and an item song which is definitely a hit for the movie. The special appearance that she had surely added the glamour to the movie without her the movie wouldn’t have the most entertaining song.

Mehwish Hayaat

The song ‘Billi’ was all about Mehwish and yes it was definitely a jaw dropping moment. Urwa played Naina’s role who is Farhan’s love interest and Shakeel’s sister, she was sweet and decent as per her role’s requirement. One of the actors who have always proved himself is Javed Sheikh, he was one of the senior actors in the movie but he did a commendable job. His acting was the life of the movie and no one else could replace his place. Fahad Mustafa and Mohsin Abbas also played their part and completed the movie with their spot-on acting. Kurba has a very silent role but she was the one who played the climax role and ended the story. Gogi the villain played by Salman Shahid is a born villain he is an expert in this character and he maintained the graph in ‘Na Maloon Afraad’.

The writers and directors should understand that they need to get over the strike scenes and burning vehicles on the road it is something that we see every day but don’t except to see it in movies. Movies should give us a new reason to live, yes jokes do help us but the other factors must also be focused on.

‘Na Maloom Afraad’ is not as dark as ‘Waar’ or ‘Operation 021’ but yet you can see some political traces in them.

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