Another episode of Ghayal was full of instances that kept us hooked to the screens and we absolutely loved it! Now that Tooba’s mother has passed away, her father is the sole care taker who want her to get married as soon as possible. This proposal might change her life and make her have a better future.

Tooba wants to make sure her future hubby know exactly what happened to her, the tragic event that left her life miserable. Tooba then decides to inform her friend everything that she went through and what Adil did to her. She certainly can’t forget and her fear of marriage is justified.

After finding about the truth, Tooba’s friend comes to a decision that she will make sure her brother gets married to Tooba only, whatever happened to her wasn’t her fault but Adil’s and she deserves so much better. Furthermore, Mahira writes a note to Omair letting him know about Tooba’s past and hoping he understands everything and marries her.

Omair however doesn’t read the letter and is now eager to marry Tooba, he obviously likes her a lot but he doesn’t know the things she has been through. Omair’s sister should have informed him about everything that happened Tooba but she knew how much her brother likes her. Guess a lot of twists await us.

The icing on the cake is when Mahira’s mother finds out about this wedding, she flips out! A woman like her can only cause problems for her own son and others, it’s like she just doesn’t want to see people happy. Tooba’s family is content with this decision and can’t wait for all the happiness that’s coming her way, but they don’t know that Omair did not read the letter and he might find out about this in future. His reaction might be the worst!

What does the future hold for Tooba? How will her future husband react when he finds the truth about her? Will Adil return and make her life a living hell all over again? Is Mahira going to get affected by all that’s been going on? To find out all the answers watch Ghayal on on Thursday at 8.00 pm on ARY Digital.


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