Hate and jealousy is present in a human’s nature and it cannot change whether it is a man or a woman the essence of insecurity is present in one way or the other. ‘Maang’ is a tale of two sisters who come face to face in a battle of hate and jealousy in order to win the affections of the same man. Loving the same man is so difficult and being sisters and facing this is the worst experience. Saba and Hira are the victim of this situation and don’t know what to do, Asad is in love with Hira who is the younger sister but he gets married to the elder one.

With Asad not having feeling for Saba he was attracted to Hira, by the virtue of nature both of them get married to him one after the other. It was heart wrecking for Saba, she suspects that her younger sister is trying to ruin her life. The elder sister feeling deprived of love from her husband becomes aggressive and greedy. Her husband gets provoked by this attitude, and gives her a divorce.

He marries the younger sister and this is an addition to Saba’s frustration, while she is in search of justice she seeks help of her brother-in-law, who marries her in order to provide support to her. In this battle of hate and jealousy Hira meets with an accident and won’t be able to conceive after that. Asad and Hira are very upset and show love to Saba’s daughter Natasha but Saba is not letting Hira be happy in anyway.

By her behavior both the husbands divorce Saba and she comes back to her mother’s place. After telling her father about Hira’s incident and Saba’s behavior he meets with a heart attack and tells Saba to give Natasha to Hira because she can’t conceive. It was very hard for Saba to do so but she gave the child to Hira and left everyone.

In the ending scene we see that Saba is in a hospital and is narrating her life to a journalist and when she asked that what is the reporter’s name the girl said Natasha. That where the story ended and the climax left the viewers in tears, if you have missed any episodes of ‘Maang’ watch them here.


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