We know the jist of the drama serial Shiza, however by watching the first episode totally takes the lead and entice more for weekend indulgence. The play suitably displayed the world of the class difference as it seems like the major gap of rich and poor cannot be blended. Hashir is a rich boy and lives with his mother , he is deeply in love with Shiza, a girl belonged to a poor family and lives with her ill mother and greedy father. The play has displayed some glimpse of a lifestyle of rich people share, a very unique blend and attention grabber for the viewers to seek the bond if the two people ever combine in a unity.

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Hashir’s mother is a status conscious woman and loves her only son, however Hashir is fully devoted to the girl no matter how below average society she belongs too, as long she acknowledges his fellowship and gives respect to him immensely.  Life through the looking glass of poor class seems more intense and complex , whereas the uppar class society does not pay attention to such things.  Shiza’s mother earn her livelihood by sewing cloths for people and save all of her money for Shiza’s education, whereas her father is wasted junky and spends all of his money in gambling and drinking.

The background track sung by Josh the band brings a nice combination to the drama and brings an intense feel , it actually affiliate our attention towards the situation of the play which makes us comprehend more easily.

Will Hashir’s mother be satisfied with her son’s decision for marrying Shiza?

Will Shiza be able to take care of her mother’s belonging?

Will Shiza complete her education without her domestic issues?

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