So the drama is officially shared on screen, as “Rasm-e-Dunya” has fantastically set its plot on viewer’s mind , the creation written by Imran Nazir and Directed by Roomi Insha  has beautifully illustrated the first episode where we can get the clear idea of Musarat’s and Tabrez’s old times relationship once they shared. The episode also revealed the class difference Tabrez and Musarat has as Tabrez is financially not settled and it was Musarat who contributed in his daughter’s wedding.

Musarat wants Haya to be her daughter-in-law and wants her to be wed with Harib, however Haya leans more towards Faris and they both are interested in each other, there was an emptiness and  a distant relationship between Harib and Faris as the two are step brother and Musarat is caught between her children happiness.

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Haya’s parents are having this clue that Musarat might ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage for her son and they are ready to accept the proposal as they owe her big time. It was a well directed episode and the tempo was excellent.

Will Musarat be able to perform her duties as a mother and do justice with her sons?
Will love make its own way or Haya and Faris be separated?

Find out the in the next exciting episode of Rasm-e-Dunya every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on Ary Digital.

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