Review of Drama Bay Emaan Mohabbat 

When Sobia and Baber came to visit Dania’s father in hospital Naeem’s coworker Shah Sheab was already there. Shah Sheab quickly recognized Baber that he is the same boy dating  Dania. Finally, he revealed the truth about Dania’s and Baber’s relationship. Its arduous for Naeem to believe Shah Sheab. Shah Sheab has surprised me in this eposiode. He is anxious for Naeem and Qazi sheab. He went to Nabeel, told him about the investigation of file, and asked for his favor to stop this investigation. 


Dania is confident that Naeem is involved in file case which caused her father to suffer heart-attack. She is already finding excuses to get release from him now she has solid reason to call off her engagement. She heard all conversation about “file case” between Naeem and her father. She has warned Naeem for consequences. 


Baber is just an opportunist. He is passing time with Dania. He has no guts and courage to call off his engagement. He cannot go beyond the orders of his family. Dania is brainless that she is behind an opportunist instead; she has loving and caring fiancée.


Maira who is sightless, childless, and diabetic patient wants child not for herself but yes of-course for her husband Nabeel. She knows baby is the only element keeps their love bond strong.

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