Pakistan’s most on-screen couple Fawad and Mahira Khan are seen together after Humsafar, they have returned for a commercial. The commercial is about promoting Lux Style Awards. It is every Pakistanis dream to see these two together after it Humsafar and it finally comes true.

There is strong rumor that these two superstars will be hosting the upcoming awards show but nothing is confirmed as yet. Before these two could enter the Bollywood industry they were seen together in Humsafar which was a hit drama in Pakistan. It mesmerized the viewers from both the countries.

In order to promote the upcoming Lux Style Awards, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan starred in an ad together. View the ad below:

The ad is somewhat showing us a flash from the behind the scenes of Lux Style Awards but no such information is revealed as yet whether they will be seen together or not.

Mahira and Fawad’s magical chemistry is sizzling as ever in the video, Fawad looks stunning in a pristine white tuxedo whereas Mahira dazzles in a glistening white dress. As the couple’s eyes meet, the two indulge in a slow dance before telling viewers to watch the Lux Style Awards.

A couple of excited tweets also started doing the rounds on Twitter, for Fawad and Mahira Khan:-



And there are many more tweets about our favorite couple, both the actors are having a couple of films in Bollywood with A-list stars. Fawad Khan even bagged the Filmfare award whereas Mahira scored a role beside Shah Rukh Khan in Raees.

However, the fans would love to see these two together in one frame, and the camera loves these two.

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